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Gino Tioseco
Filipino modern and eclectic art by Gino Tioseco. Acrylic and pencil drawings
Filipino modern and eclectic art by Gino Tioseco. Acrylic and pencil drawings.Gino Tioseco, the owner/curator of Gallery Medusa, is himself, an artist. Only 10 years ago, he embarked on a career in the arts after finishing Interior Design at the Philippine School Of Interior Design (PSID). He opened his own gallery in 2007 and through this venue, he aims to promote strictly contemporary visual art -- his own works as well as those of other young artists. Gino wants gallery Medusa to showcase works that depict the times he is living in, the angst of his era. The art that makes its way in there must therefore be on the cutting edge. 

Gino believes that the simplest things are the hardest to make. 'Tis a pradox, though, for to arrive at the simple, is a rather complex process: one must go through chaos first, he claims. Simplicity is a mark of maturity; truly mature people are simple. These insights brought about a shift in his style: His style has evolved from being expressionist to abstract, from utilizing a wide range of colors to a simpler (read: almost monochromatic) palette. His more recent works reflect this desire to simplify things; and this desire, he attributes to his maturing, both as a person and as an artist. Landscapes and architecture have had the greatest influence on his works.

Gino also believes that passion, more than talent, is crucial to creating works of art. When he gets started on an art work, it must be finished when he puts down his brush. Working continuously is important for him to be able to create what he wants on the canvas. Breaks and interruptions could be counterproductive. Having a good meal, a good shower, a good sleep are some of the conditions that must be in place for this artist to get started on creating art, in his marathon way.

Gino is one of the most prolific modern artists of our time, sometimes creating 10 pencil drawings in 1 day.

Gino has had several solo and group exhibits. He is a member of both the Blumentritt Group of Artists and the Guevarra Group of Artists.

You may view the paintings and pencil drawings by appointment only. Gallery Medusa is located at 120 Capt. Manzano St., Pinaglabanan, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines.
The artist may be contacted at (632) 725-9285. View Gino's friendster profile.
New 2008 Pencil sketches by Gino Tioseco
New 2008 Pencil sketches by Gino Tioseco
New 2008 Pencil sketches by Gino Tioseco
New 2008 Pencil sketches by Gino Tioseco
Asia - painting by Gino Tiseco
Nude Study
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