Mylene Abiva of Felta Multimedia Inc.
Mylene Abiva
Felta, We Modernize Education
Monica Eleazar and Denise Gonzales of indigo manila
Monica Eleazar / Denise Gonzales
Healthy, natural baby products from Indigo Baby
Yumi Castrillo
Yumi Castrillo
Piece of Cake Gourmet Cupcakes
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Robbie Francisco

Gwendolyn & Marilyn Dee

Tin Gonzales

Clang Garcia

Gino Tioseco
Gino Tioseco
Filipino modern and eclectic art by Gino Tioseco. Acrylic and pencil drawings
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Most Inspiring Batangueño Entrepreneur Special Award
Most Inspiring Batangueño Entrepreneur
- Special Award from GoNegosyo to Diana Limjoco (Pollard) for establishing as the online portal that showcase the beauty of the province and its people, thus helping promote tourism in the province and for pushing for online entrepreneurship through the creation of websites born out of skill, talent and hard work. Her success has proven the Batangueño's ability to utilize their innate sense of resourcefulness, determination and enthusiasm in developing profitable entrepreneurial ventures that uplift lives and contribute towards economic development. Read more...

Featured Entrepreneurs


Mylene Abiva, President/ CEO of FELTA Multimedia Inc., since 2000 is the pioneer in introducing LEGO Robotics in elementary and High schools in the country.

Relevant education is one that is responsive to the needs of the times. Substandard education is bred not only through the lack of competent educators but also through the lack of instructional materials that inspire greater learning... more...

Clang Garcia is the Managing Director of Jeepney Tours, a fun and informative tourist transport service that links guests to the attractions of Manila... more...

Featured Artist
Christel Pichay, While Filipino modern and eclectic art by Gino Tioseco. Acrylic and pencil drawings.friends and associates who have known Christel Pichay may sometimes find him with a dry sense of humor, this prolific artist has a self-deprecating one, sharing, “I have just learned how to paint. Now, I may aspire to become an artist.”...



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