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Anytime and Anywhere with Gourmet Stuffers

A nightcap with good friends at home. An instant throve of visitors. A much-deserved out-of-town vacation. A picnic with the family. Looking for the perfect gift for that special occasion. Or simply hungry.

Gourmet Stuffers is the gastronomic answer to all these. Gourmet Stuffers is all about home-made gourmet goodies of dips, spreads, sauces and desserts.

Anytime and anywhere, a succulent selection of Boursin Cheese, Creamy Spinach, 3-Cheese Pesto, Chicken Liver  and Spicy Sardine Pate can be served with crackers, crostini, pita or just about any other bread. For pasta and rice lovers, the Spicy Gourmet Tuyo Flakes can fill the stomach.

To complete the light meal, a sweet offering of various chocolate truffles are available: Champagne, Espresso and Almond. We also have Turtle Chocolate Candies. Choco-Peanut butter cups and Mint-Choco Mallows!

Be in the know for upcoming, mouth-watering assortments. Meanwhile… Tempt yourself and SPREAD the word!

Contact Info:Tin gonzalez
For any inquiries, you may contact:
mobile: 0917.5280713
phone: 631.1760

About the owner:
After over 7 years of combined experience in Marketing Communications, Customer Relationship and Project Management, Tin Gonzalez now explores another industry, as she taps further her entrepreneurial side. She always has had the passion for food in her—cooking up favorites for family and friends, discovering dining spots and trying out new dishes. Thus, the start for Gourmet Stuffers in November of 2007, a home-based business that whips up a wide variety of delicious dips, spreads, sauces and desserts.

Tin hasn’t turned her back entirely on her past career though, as she now does Freelance Event & PR work for various companies, and happily divides her time in the corporate world and in the kitchen.


Dips, spreads & sauces
(250g glass jar)

Boursin cheese (creamy garlic)   P140.00
Garlicky and cheesy goodness with every bite.
Serve with crackers or over grilled chops.                   
Creamy Spinach   P190.00
Rich, healthy, mouth-watering and definitely addicting!
Serve with pita chips or toasted crostini.
Three-Cheese Pesto  P170.00
The real zing comes with Cheddar, Feta and Parmesan.
Spread on toasted crostini or use as pasta sauce.
Sardine-Pesto P170.00
Hot to the senses, yummy to the taste.
Serve with crackers or pasta.
Chicken Liver Pate   P120.00
For the smooth liver lover in you.
Serve with toasted crostini or crackers.
Spicy Sardine Pate  P120.00
The Mediterranean Sea calls.
Serve with toasted crostini or crackers.
Spicy Gourmet Tuyo Flakes  P150.00
The exotic combination of the local tuyo, capers,
 olives and other spices are for the brave.
Serve over salad, pasta or garlic rice!
Gourmet Stuffers gift baskets – Price range Php 275-1000/set. All baskets come with trimmings and tags plus your choice of nachos or baguette rounds. More info available upon request.
Desserts  6-pc 12-pc
Choco-Peanut butter cups 90.00 175.00
Mint-Choco Mallows 90.00 175.00
Turtle chocolate candies 95.00  185.00
Champagne/Espressso truffles 80.00 155.00
Almond truffles 85.00  165.00
Creamy Italian dessert with your choice of topping
Mango Panna Cotta (seasonal) 80.00   (Personal-approx 150ml)  
Honey Almond Panna Cotta -minimum qty. 3 pcs-
Almond Fudge Panna Cotta  350.00 (Family size-approx 700ml)

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